5 Steps to Speed Up a Slow Mobile Internet Connection

5 Steps to Speed Up a Slow Mobile Internet Connection :-

Today we are going to discuss about the slow mobile data speed that can be faced by many people on a daily basis. If you are ready to call your customer care about your data speed problem firstly check these out.

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1.     Restart Your Phone
The first and almost solution to all your mobile problems is to just restart your phone and in the 50 percent cases the problem was solved.
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2.     Disable Unwanted Apps Data Connection
Sometimes unwanted apps in the phone which uses internet in the background can affect your data connection speed. You can just disable or restrict the app internet connection in background.

3.     Use Of VPN
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Using a vpn for your internet connection to secure your connection is good choice but sometimes the vpn slows down the speed of your data connection. So, you should disconnect it from VPN and check whether the speed increases or not.

4.     Resetting Your Network Settings
Resetting your network setting sometimes can help you to solve the problem of data speed. You can simply reset your network setting by going to Settings>Backup and reset>Network setting Reset.

5.     Reinserting Sim Card
Sometimes this has worked for many user to just take the sim out of your mobile and reinserting it again.

I hope that this article was helpful to solve your issue related to the data connection speed.thank you and have a good day.

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