Create a Website (Step By Step Process)

Create a Website
Nowadays Building a website is very simple. Today we will be knowing step by step procedure on how to create a website, website builder or how to make a website.


  1. Domain Name (
  2. Hosting site ( Ex :- Godaddy)
  3. Platform Friendly Template.
  4. Idea about The Website.
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Create a Website Steps:- 
  1. Firstly you will need to decide which type of website you are trying to create. For example it may be Tech related, News related, Company website etc
  2. Secondly when you have decided the category, Then you  have to purchase a domain name and a hosting.
  3. Perfect website to purchase domain name and hosting site is If you are beginner and trying to make a website you can simply use a blogger or a wordpress.
  4. After purchasing a domain name you have to connect your domain name to the hosting. 
  5. Simply after that  you have to design your website. In blogger or wordpress to design your site you can buy designing templates.
  6. Lastly, If you are having blogging website start writting good articles which will help you to rank your website. Ranking your website is the most difficult job but slowly you understand how to rank your website using SEO, creating Backlinks etc.
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