TouchPal keyboard now with AI Engine

TouchPal has been a pioneer when it comes to features in the Android keyboard world that are now available on most touch keyboards. But along with the usual stuff, TouchPal Pro now has an AI assistant that helps with typing, making plans and stay on top of your meme game.
The assistant is called "Talia" and delivers suggestions in the form of a bubble as you type without getting in your way. The AI is capable of basic calculations, currency conversion, one-tap paste, smart replies, GIF predictions, weather forecast and even dining recommendations, although the last one strongly depends on your region as it works with Yelp.
Typing in reaction responses like "LOL", "WTF" will prompt you with some appropriate GIFs but you can always rely on the built-in GIF search engine as well. The same goes when making dinner plans, for example. If the AI engine detects a keyword like "lunch", "meal", "food". "hungry" etc., it will suggest a list of nearby places that are linked to Yelp.
The keyboard also brings a bit gimmicky AR emojis, but to be fair, we can't expect them to work like the ones on the Galaxy S9/S9+ or the iPhone X. They sure are pretty fun to play with, though.
Head to Google Play to download the latest version, which is free of charge as long as you can handle the ads but if not, an annual fee of $4.99 for such advanced keyboard experience isn't going to break the bank.

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