Unblock Download Speed Limit

Unblock download speed limit:

Unblocking download limit can be done with password cracking. some networks implement a download restriction on system based on their respective user account instead of MAC addresses. They will keep tracking the amount of data each user account has downloaded and will block a particular user as soon as they have reached their download limit. In such cases, spoofing your MAC address will not allow you to bypass the download restriction. Instead you will have to crack the password of some other user on the network and then use their account to continue to download data from the internet until even their limit is reached!

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 There is a very cool network password cracking tool called  THC Hydra. It is parallelized login password cracker that support various protocols like FTP, HTTP, POP, SQL, ORACLE, Telnet and many other. THC Hydra can be used to crack the password of some other user on the network within anywhere between a few second to few hours(depending upon how strong the password is ). THC Hydra is known to be one of the fastest network password cracking tools available on the internet. Once you have cracked some other user's accountt password then you can connect to the network pretending to be  that user and continue to access the internet even after your download limit has been reached

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