How To Make Money Through Google

How To Make Money Through Google :

In todays world earning money online is difficult. Most of the people fails to discover genuine way on how to earn money online. The genuine way to earn money online is through google. Google is the one of the reputed company that everybody know and can have a trust on it. Today I am gonna show you some ways on How To Make Money Through Google.

For making money through google you will need a common ads serving platform called as ADSENSE. GOOGLE ADSENSE serves ads to the platform like youtube, websites, android app.

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Ways On How To Make Money Through Google

                YOUTUBE :

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One of the trending way today on how to make money through google is youtube. Youtube is the platform for posting video according to your category like tech, lifestyle, vlogging, etc. this is the one of the best method to earn online today. You will only need to post video according to your category and gather audience with your content and just link your adsense to your youtube. After completing your approval for adsense your video will show ads for that you will earn money.
Approving adsense for youtube is not an easy task for the approval you will need to have 4000 watch hours on your channel and 1k subscribers then only you are eligible to run ads on your youtube videos.

              WEBSITES :

Websites is another method you can earn money through google. For this you have to create a website according to your category and write a good and genuine articles. But this method is difficult for the beginner because here ranking your post is very difficult due to high competiton, if your post is not ranking in google then you will not receive traffic to your website, and no traffic means no money. So, this process requires you to first understand on  how to rank article with seo and backlinks, then only you can earn money by linking your adsense account with your website. Here ads will not show directly by linking your adsense account to your website firstly you have submit your website for approval with adsense and after that google will review your website and within 3 days you will get a mail that your website is approved to show ads or not.

             ADMOB :

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Third source on how to make money through google is ADMOB. Admob is the platform that helps you serve ads to android applications. This is the only process where the ads serving is instantly done without approval process, you can instantly start serving ads after creating an application. This is the perfect earning source for the app developer.

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