Redirecting to www or non-www

Redirecting to www or non-www :

Why Redirect to www or non-www?

If your website is not running with www or without www and you are finding difficult to solve it, so follow this article you will definately find a solution to your problem.
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How to Redirect to www or non-www :

If you are running a website on blogger and you have registered your domain to
follow these steps :

Using Forwarding to Redirect to www or non-www

1. Goto or your domain provider website.

2. Then goto Dns Management of your domain name  which you want to redirect.

3. Then scroll down you will find forwarding option

4. Select Https then type your website address with www for example :-
5. Then  check the box at the bottom to update the name server and DNS .
And you are done.

By Mishraji Technical

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