7 Things not to do when applying for google adsense

7 Things not to do when applying for google adsense :

Google adsense is the largest ads publishing network based on pay per click system that's why everyone focuses on google adsense rather than any other ads network such as media.net or infolinks etc. So to approve google adsense for your website you should have  to follow some rules and regulations.
In this article we will learn 7 things you should not do when applying google adsense account approval.

1. Domain name :

Google adsense is not giving approval for website with domain .tk or .ml or any other website with free domain name. so before applying for google adsense account approval you must connect your website with a top level domain name such as .com, .in etc.

2. Templates or themes :

When you are applying for google adsense approval you should not use any themes or templates that only feels premium. you must not use any themes that just look good for website. you should use themes that looks simple and which is mobile and desktop friendly.

3. Articles :

Articles are the most important part of blogging so you should not apply for google adsense account before writting atleast 20-30 post with minimum 300 words.

4. Icons :

You should not keep any useless icons on your website and you should always check that all the other icons on your website is linked to their respective websites or pages.

5. Other Ads networks :

You should remove all the other ads network from your website before applying for google adsense account.

6. Content type :

According to the adsense policy your website should not have a articles or content related to :

          - Adult material/ pornography

          - Pirated content

          - Hacking tutorial

7. Pages :

Your website should not have useless pages which does not content any stuff or related contents.

These were some of the tips for what not to do when applying for google adsense account.

- Mishraji Technical

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