How to earn money using whatsapp

How to earn money using whatsapp :

A lot of people have this question that can we make money using a most popular messaging app that is 'whatsapp'. Just imagine how cool it will be when we will start making money just by our phone using a simple messaging app that is whatsapp.

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 So today in this article we will be giving you some of the best method on how to earn money using whatsapp and what is the best way to earn money using whatsapp app.

So, lets get started 

1. Url shortener or link shortener :

One of the simplest and easiest method to earn money using whatsapp is using a url shortener websites. There are large numbers of link shortener website are available nowadays such, etc. You have to simply just shorten your link (any link) and share it to whatsapp. These websites pay you for the amount of clicks you are getting on your link. The most common idea people use to earn money using these url shortener website is to just use a link of a video and shorten it using url shortener website and just by typing some innovative title just send these video links to whatsapp groups.

2. Affliate marketing :

Affliate marketing is the another good source of earning method. As most of the people know that affliate marketing is the marketing model where you are paid commission for the product when customer buys a good through your shared links. So the idea is that you have to join affliate marketing of some of the common shopping websites such as flipkart, amazon etc. and you have to find a product and innovative titles or description of the product and share it to as many whatsapp groups you can.

3. Viral script or wishing websites :

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In 2018 there are large number of people who are engaged in this type work, where people just make a website using a script and by placing the ads on the script they earn money. These are the type of viral script for example when there is a festival such as diwali, the person will make website about the festival diwali for wishing people. So when people clicks on these links shared on whatsapp they will get a interface wishing them happy diwali along with their name and the owner of this website earn money using the ads appears in between the websites. But these are not the good source to earn money as most of website owners ads account get suspended  for this activity as the advertisement company consider these activities as spam. 

4. PPD ( Pay per download ) :

This is the another way on how to earn money using whatsapp. Most of the people dont know about this method but there are certain websites that pay you for download you are promoting or downloaded through your shared link. So here you have to simply register on PPD website and just share the link you are promoting for the download to whatsapp groups and earn money.

These where the some of the methods to earn money using whatsapp app

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