How to get free top level domain name in 2018

How to get free top level domain name in 2018 :

How to get free top level domain name in 2018So, if want free top level domain name for your website or blog for the adsense approval you are at the right place.

Today we will guide you through the process on how to register a domain name free for a year.
So to get adsense approval you always need a top level domain and adsense has not been approving the websites with .tk .ml or .ga etc. So, basically today we will be registering a top level domain that is with domain extension of .ooo.

How to register Top level domain name free in 2018:

So, basically to register free domain name in 2018 you have to goto a website called as
Here simply you have to find your domain name as per your requirement and then you have to register a account on
Then after successful registering your account on you have to goto the checkout page.
Then at the checkout page you have to use the promo code GETOOO and you will get a domain name free for a year.

The benefit of registering .ooo Domain name :

The .ooo  domain is the new domain ext and which is really SEO friendly and it helps you to rank your website quickly on the search engine.
The post from .ooo domain ranks faster than any other extension , when i first register the domain with .ooo my page ranked on 2nd page of google and it was very suprising for me as the 1st post from this domain ranked on the google of the newly created website. So just goto and enjoy your free domain name for 1 year.

-Mishraji Technical
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