Imagine if youtube becomes paid for Everyone ?

Imagine if youtube becomes paid for everyone ?

When YouTube  becomes paid for everyone as Netflix platform or any other, This will eventually decrease the views from videos and quality of video will improve as due to paid version. Only those YouTuber  will make video who are perfect or professional at this work.

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But there are some merit and demerit when the youtube will become paid :-

1.      YouTube is a good platform for advertising to national as well as international viewers, which will be decreased.

2.     YouTube also provide faster news service to people when they are not having access to Television or such paid apps.

3.     Our time will be saved and people will stop watching  irrelevant videos.And therefore viewers on youtube will decrease drastically and youtube channels will also decrease because finding subscribers is already very hard after this it will become impossible so popularity of youtube will not be the same as earlier.

4.     Someone will initiate start up on the basis of older youtube. And will new era of competition for this place will start. It will be blunder for all of competitors but who is on top will be the most benefitial. And we will get variety of video search engine and hence variety of videos.Different algorithms and innovative ideas will be revealed and finally most of the people will become satisfied with new search engine and therefore viewers will take the most of the benefit of this all.

5.     If any other video search engine get the full attraction from most of the viewers then that will be the end of the youtube.

So, imagining youtube as a paid will not be worth it.

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