Tips on how to start a successful blog - blogging for beginners

Tips on how to start a successful blog - blogging for beginners :

Nowadays starting a blog is the most easiest job but the blogger faces difficulties when he want be successful in this field. So today i am gonna share some tips on how to start a successful blog or tips for starting a blog.

1. Niche (Topic):

To be successful in blogging you need to focus on particular niche and target a particular audience. It will help you to gain a particular audience which will help you derive more traffic, so just focus on your particular niche.

2. Write a genuine & quality Post:

You must write a genuine and quality content. The content of your blog must not be copied & if you are posting a copied content then google will not index your post in the search engine.(Blog writting tips)

3. SEO:

This is the most important part of blogging. SEO helps in ranking your post on the search engine. SEO has divided into two category that is On Page SEO & Off Page SEO.
For On Page SEO we do a keyword research to find a relevant keyword for our blog post, Internal Linking, use of H1 and H2 tag, Use of Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions.
For Off Page SEO we create high quality backlinks for our websites, Blog comment, Social media bookmark.

4. Social Media:

To be a successful blogger you must share your contents with social media and use the social media to derive traffic to your website. When a beginner start a blog he/she only get traffic from the social media even the most successful blogger get  40- 50% of his/her traffic from social media. So, you must not ignore social media.

5. Interaction:

A Blogger should always keep a interaction with their blog visitor or reader which helps in creating a friendly environment and build a relation with your reader or visitor.

6. Analytics:

Using of analytics software will help you Monitor your blog and help you to analyze how and which post of your blog is gaining audience and according to analysis you can focus more.(blogging advice)

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