How to earn money using Uc browser - Uc news

How to earn money using Uc browser - Uc news :

So do you guys want to earn money using the one of the famous platform which is uc news
Earning money using uc news platform is very easy, you have to just write an article for your blog or channel and start your earning. Just like blogging we write article and monetize our blog with different monetization website such as adsense,, infolinks etc but in blogging we have to invest in hosting and domain name etc and so blogging is not free of cost and to setup blogging and generate tarffic to blog require a high skills.
How to earn money using Uc browser - Uc news

But in uc news program you have to simply create a account on uc media program and start writing articles, In uc news or uc media program you will get huge amount of traffic if your content or article is valuable as uc browser send notification to phones directly.

How to create account on Uc news :-

  1. Sign up uc media program from here .
  2. Sign up in uc media program is lengthy process. In sign up process you will need a Pan card or if you are a student you can sign up with your college id.
  3. After signup you have to wait for review it generally takes 48 hours after the review you will get a email in your mail box.
  4. After that simply sign in to your dashboard of uc news and start writing articles.

Monetization rule of Uc media program :-

Apply requirements are as follows:
1) Registered days>=7
2) Completed Basic Partner's Task
3) Views of one content(article/video)>=1000,or fans>=1000
4) Index point in last 7 days>=40
5) Current credit point>=80
Basically for monetizing your content on uc media you have to fulfill these criteria that is firstly you must be registered in uc media program for more than seven days.

Secondly you have to complete basic partner task of uc media program .
Thirdly you must have 1000 views on any of your article or 1000 fans or subscriber on your uc media program channel.
fourthly your index point should be not less than 40 in last seven days.
and lastly your credit point must be 80.
then only you will be eligible to monetize your channel on uc media program and start earning.

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