How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners :

So, do you guys thinking of making money on ? 
Today in this article i will guide you about how amazon works, how to sell products on amazon and how to market your amazon product.

How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

What is Amazon ?

So basically we know that amazon is the website where we can purchase goods or stuffs. Most of the people believes that the products on is actually owned by the amazon but thats not correct, Amazon is a platform which seller use to sell its products and amazon takes commission from each sales from seller in
Amazon do have some of their product like Alexa but most of the products on amazon is of other sellers.
If you want to sell products on you have to face a huge competition because their are around 2 Million seller, selling their products.

How To Get started To sell Products on Amazon

There are 2 types of program that is offered by for the sellers.
  1. Individual Seller Account
  2. Professional Seller Account
Individual Seller Account:

In this program you just need to sign up the individual seller account and sell your products from amazon.When your product sells on amazon, amazon deduct their percentage from each sale you make from and then amazon pays you your amount after you ship the product to the purchaser.
In Individual seller account you can only sell 40 Products on amazon and their is no monthly subscription for Individual seller account.

Professional Seller Account

In Professional seller Account you have pay monthly subscription of around Rs 3000/- . In professional Seller Account you get a benefit to sell the product through Amazon prime.
One of the benefit of using Professional seller account is to use Amazon prime service that offer by amazon. Here simply you have to ship the product to nearest amazon fulfillment center and then they will manage all your products from packaging to selling to seller and covering all customer service problems.


Most of the seller on amazon fails to sell their products on amazon because their is a huge competiton and most of the people dont know to how market their products digitally.
This is the most important step that a amzon seller should understand that Seo is most important to rank your product on amazon. So basically to market your procduct you can use Paid Marketing that is based on Pay Per Click using this you can easily rank your product on amazon but you have to pay according to your competitor.

After that when successfully rank your product you have to wait and keep patience for your sale on amazon.

Happy Selling !


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