How To Earn Money From Online Micro Jobs

How To Earn Money From Online Micro Jobs :

How To Earn Money From Online Micro Jobs

In this article i will brief you on how to earn money from Online micro jobs, Micro Jobs are basically a small task such as captcha solving, rating or reviewing websites, survey etc.
The most common and Famous website for micro jobs was Amazon Mturk. But recently Amazon not accepting any new applicaton for mturk.

Micro Jobs do not involve much of earnings, developed countries offer up to 0.05$ and developing countries like India offer 0.01$ for Micro Jobs. This is best suggested for people who can spend one or two hours a day while investing less effort and earning yourself an amount close to 5000rs.

Let us list out the pros and cons of Micro Jobs.

• Work on your own time
• You can work as much as you want or as less as you want
• But remember that less work means less earnings
• You cannot build a career in Micro Jobs
• Only proper freelancing sites offer secured and confirmed payments for the work done.

Here are the list of website that offer micro jobs :

• Upwork
• Fiverr
• Guru
• Short tasks
• Clixsense
• Microworker

Here you can find varieties of Micro jobs and can earn a decent amount of money.

-Mishraji Technical

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